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General Rules


Am I a good candidate?

You may not be a candidate if you answer YES to any of these questions

  • Must not be pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Must not be on acne medication; topical or oral. 

  • You must be off accutane medication for at least a year.

  • Must not have had Botox for 3 weeks prior to appointment

The DO NOT'S before procedure

These can cause excessive bleeding and extra sensivity

  • Do not consume any caffeine or take any pain killers the day of your appointment

  • No alcohol consumption for 48hrs before appointment

  • Do not have any type of heavy exfoliation facials 2 weeks prior to appointment

  • Do not take any fish oils or vitamin e 1 week prior to appointment 

The Do's

Great brows starts with a great canvas to work on

  • Please clean & moisturize your face with a gentle cleanser & moisturizer

  • Come in with little to no makeup

  • It is also best to wash your hair before the procedure to avoid getting your fresh brows soaked in the shower for the next few days

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